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For teachers

Leren-rekenen provides a convenient, free service for teachers. While your students are calculating, you can view their results of their math effort online.
You can also give them tasks (class). You can also view the progress of each student with the task (or tasks).

If you have an account on, you can also use that account here! Your groups from are therefore immediately available at

This service is free as a Basic package. We do ask you not to use any adblock-software (ad killers). The website is kept up and running with the proceeds of the advertising.

We offer you the option of a "Extra" subscription. Read more
If you want to try out the Extra subscription once for 2 weeks, you can. Once you are logged in, a button will appear in this place. Click on that and your account will be upgraded. It stops automatically after two weeks.

If you notice that something is not working as expected, please let us know via

How does it work?

  1. You can create a group and then add the children to your group in two ways:
    1. If your student already has their own account: Ask the student to join your group.
    2. If your student does not have their own account yet: You give the student one of the accounts that belong to your group. As soon as you create a group you will see what we mean by that.
  2. You can create a group password for each group (in "manage groups") and let the students log in with it. This makes logging in very easy for the children. They type in the password and then get the entire list of all names in their group. They now only have to click on their own name.
  3. Because there are often several teachers for one group, you, as an administrator, can also make your colleague an administrator. Your colleague will then have the same rights within the group as you have.
  4. You can be an administrator of up to two groups.
  5. A group can also have a maximum of two administrators.

  6. You must be logged in to create a group.
    If you do not have an account yet, please create an account by registering.